Owls fan column: Lack of composure is costing Wednesday dearly

'Big teams don't do that sort of stuff. Big teams get results.'

Friday, 27th January 2017, 5:02 am
Steven Fletcher

Tom Lees’ assessment of the Brighton and Hove Albion result was like a kick in the heart to us Wednesdayites but no one can dispute how right he is.

It is not a ‘my club is bigger than your club’ debate. It is a simple statement that if Sheffield Wednesday have any pretentions of becoming a Premier League team then we have to channel our frustration positively and not disintegrate.

There was a chink of light at the Amex Stadium last Friday evening.

The Seagulls went down to 10 men and we had been gifted a penalty.

Not many teams will get that sort of advantage over a strong Brighton side this season and we squandered it with poor decision-making, ill-discipline and thoughtlessness.

The cause and effect of these flashes of red mist mean we are now without another striker (Steven Fletcher) and our most influential midfielder (Sam Hutchinson) for two and three matches respectively.

On paper we have two relativity easy games coming up. Bristol City are on a horrendous run of losses and Wigan Athletic are just two goals from being in the bottom three.

With players needlessly side lined we have in fact made these games harder for ourselves and that is Wednesday in a nutshell.

Why do things the easy way when you can pull off a leg before you enter a 100m sprint?

However, looking at this in a perverse way Wednesday have had plenty of results this season that many fans have walked away from thinking ‘how did we win that?’

On this basis maybe we are a ‘big team’ after all because we have got results we have not necessarily deserved.

What Lees probably means is we need composure to be true winners and we do lack that at the moment.