Parents call for crossing on unsafe road outside Sheffield primary school

A petition has been launched calling for safety measures on a busy road outside a Sheffield school where parents claim lives are being put at risk.

The group said Psalter Lane is ‘dreadfully unsafe’ for parents and children crossing it to get to Clifford All Saints C of E Primary.

Parents and children crossing Psalter Lane

Parents and children crossing Psalter Lane

A parent was recently injured after tripping in the road when crossing with their child.

An online petition, which has attracted more than 250 signatures, is calling for Sheffield Council to install a pedestrian crossing because the position of traffic crossing patrol warden has been vacant for more than a year.

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Parent Minna Shkul said: “Most of 120 school children, siblings and parents are in real danger of accident or death twice daily, crossing Psalter Lane to get to school. 

Traffic on Psalter Lane

Traffic on Psalter Lane

“Psalter Lane is one of the main commuting routes, and it is dreadfully unsafe, as drivers put themselves first, driving past little children waiting to cross, or in the process of crossing the road.

“It is fairly common that driver going to one direction stops, but then a driver heading the other way does not, leaving children to wait between narrow lanes.”

Dr Shkul said even if this position school crossing patrol warden was filled it would only be a partial solution because the school has a breakfast club and after-school club, and opens for community use in the evenings and at weekends. 

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Parents at Clifford All Saints CE Primary have set up a petition calling for Sheffield Council to install a crossing outside the school. Picture: Chris Etchells

Parents at Clifford All Saints CE Primary have set up a petition calling for Sheffield Council to install a crossing outside the school. Picture: Chris Etchells

“There are public events and sports classes at the school almost every night, and weekends, and the members of the public visiting these are equally in danger,” she added.

Jane Charles, who set up the petition, said: “Recently a parent tripped and badly hurt her face as she was rushing past a car that had slowed for her to pass with her son. This led to time off work and the need for emergency dental surgery.”

She added: “The closest crossing is 0.2 miles away – a six minute round walk at best with a small child, and parents are not using this because they do not have the time to add this distance to their journey to school, particularly as many have children at Ecclesal Juniors and have a small window of time in which to travel between sites.”

Headteacher Sue Preston has backed the campaign.

She said: “We have in the past had wonderful crossing patrol wardens who built up a great rapport with the children and were an important part of school life. 

“But when our last one left no one came forward to replace her because the hours are very short and at inconvenient times in the day. So every day children and parents have to cross Psalter Lane at rush hour.

“If we cannot find another warden then a crossing would make it so much safer for our children and parents.”

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Sheffield Council has been contacted for comment.

To sign the petition visit