Gentrification in Kelham Island is great - but surely there's still room for some heritage too?

Kelham Island has truly become a byword for cool in Sheffield.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 3:11 pm
Updated Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:20 am
Paul McCarthy and Chris Perry who say they may be thrown out of their respective workshops at Kelham Island as developers Citu are buying the cottages they rent as part of ongoing development

Ten years ago we could never have imagined just how much it would change into a wonderful hotspot of great food and drink destinations, stunning places to live and all in all a fantastic day out.

At that time there were a few developments of flats, The Milestone restaurant and pubs, The Fat Cat and Kelham Island Tavern, to visit.

I’m as big a fan of the island’s progress – and yes, gentrification – as any oat milk latte drinking, taco craving millennial.But one story that has struck a chord with our readers this week is how that progress could squeeze out two heritage businesses that have been there for many years.

The silversmiths and cabinet maker affected (see page 30) are small businesses, just like the trendy hairdressers and coffee hangouts and vintage traders popping up all over Kelham, and as one reader said, they are the ‘backbone of Sheffield industry.’

The reason they might have to leave is because of a new housing development which means the property they are based in looks likely to be sold.

Surely there is room for heritage too as part of this development? No doubt it will be marketed as housing in a proud industrial area – maybe the developer could put their money where their branding is, and find some space for these two workshops?

One thing Sheffield sadly can be less proud of is its growing problem with littering and fly-tipping.

After our video of littering in Endcliffe Park some weeks ago highlighted the issue, and shone a light on volunteers waging a daily battle against waste, we asked the council for figures on just how many incidents of fly tipping were being recorded.

The statistics revealed in full on pages 6&7 are really quite shocking, and they are the tip of the iceberg.