Large tree falls on Sheffield road during high winds and causes 'chaos' for hours

A large tree fell across a Sheffield road during high winds yesterday, causing ‘chaos’ for several hours.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 11:44 am
The tree blocked Dore Road for hours

Residents close to Dore Road heard a ‘banging’ yesterday afternoon and went out to see the tree had blown over during the severe weather.

Gavin Ewan, a local resident, had just returned from walking his dogs and sent the Telegraph these pictures of the damage.

He said: “A neighbour heard a banging noise and went out to see the tree had come down, it was blocking the road completely.

"It caused quite a lot of chaos for about three hours.

"Eventually a team came with a chainsaw and cut the tree into pieces and put it on the side of the road but it took them a while to come because I think there were quite a lot of issues. They said they had had a number of calls because of the wind and this was quite a tree to come down.

"The tree was almost a foot in diameter – it was a proper tree.”