Revealed: These are the cars most popular with people in South Yorkshire having an affair

The cars most popular with men and women in South Yorkshire having an affair have been revealed in a new survey.

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 11:48 am
Updated Saturday, 18th January 2020, 9:19 am

And if your spouse drives a German car, they may be having an affair – because Volkswagen is the number one car for cheating men and Mercedes for cheating women.

Is it possible to tell an adulterer by the vehicle they drive? surveyed its members, asking them which brand of car they are currently driving.

BMWs are popular cars for those having an affair.

Volkswagen wins the crown with 22%, as the top cheating car driven by men in the UK.

Mercedes is the number one car driven by affair seeking women (20%).

BMW comes in second for both men and women, with 18% and 17% respectively.

But while German cars might top the list, its not quite so good for Italian car manufacturer Fiat.

The car least driven by cheating men and women is the Fiat, with only 0.2% combined.

Flashy cars and sex appeal have always gone well together, with research even indicating having a nice car can change you from a 4/10 to an 8/10, with 58% of women claiming a man’s car affects his dateability.

Car manufacturers are aware of this and will often sexualise their adverts, with Mercedes previously advertising their fleet of cars, in a now banned, infidelity advert.

Top Cheating Cars Driven by Men

Volkswagen 22%BMW 18%Mercedes 17%Jaguar 15%Audi 11%Ford 8%Other 9%

Top Cheating Cars Driven by Women

Mercedes 20%BMW 17%Audi 16%Mini 15%Kia 13%Vauxhall 9%Other 10%

Spokesman for Jessica Leoni said “The car you drive speaks volumes about your personality. The results indicate that adulterers tend to be affluent and successful, willing to invest in good quality. This attitude extends to our drivers marital lives, where having an affair is a luxury for men and women who are unwilling to settle for mediocrity.

The top three automobiles for both men and women are from German manufacturers, designed for their comfort, style and practicality.