Sheffield tips to stay open seven days a week for another month to meet demand

Sheffield’s five tips will stay open seven days a week for another month to meet demand.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 3:32 pm
There have been long queues at household waste sites in Sheffield this year

The council extended the opening hours of the household waste recycling centres when long queues started building up during the pandemic.

Reduced winter opening hours should start on October 1 with each dump-it site closing on a certain day.

But it would cut opening times by 48 hours per week and the council is worried about queues building up again, especially if Veolia staff are hit by Covid.

The queues began when the council enforced social distancing which limited the number of vehicles allowed at tips.

Councillors and motorists complained about the dangerous lines of traffic as queues regularly reached in excess of 60 minutes, particularly at Longley Avenue West and Blackstock Road.

A temporary increase in opening hours was agreed and all sites were opened seven days a week.

Restrictions were removed in April with social distancing left to members of the public to manage but the council is still worried about queues.

Officer Neil Townrow said: “The removal of vehicle limits at sites in April has seen a significant reduction in queuing times, incidents and complaints.

“However, instances of queuing are still being recorded despite the extended opening times.

“The impact of Covid is still being felt on services. Veolia suspended garden waste collections for a two week period in July due to the impact of the virus on their workforce.

“Further disruption is a possibility, which could result in increased demand for recycling centres as residents look for other disposal options.

“This report recommends that all five sites remain open seven days for an additional one month period throughout October.

“This will increase availability when garden waste is still produced in reasonable volumes, and will mitigate against increased demand associated with the risk of further suspensions of the garden waste collection service due to the impact of Covid on the Veolia workforce.”

The council says it anticipates from the end of October that demand for the sites will significantly reduce during winter and there will be no need for the increased opening hours.