Which is Sheffield's steepest street? These are the ones you think are the worst

If there’s one thing that Sheffield folk know, it’s that getting around the city on foot or bike can be a bit of a slog.

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 12:31 pm
Updated Friday, 17th January 2020, 12:28 pm

At one time or another, we’ve all huffed and puffed our way up one of the city’s hundreds of hilly roads – and of course, there’s the old adage that Sheffield is built on seven hills.

A viral video which had everyone making the same joke has raised a few contenders for the city’s most daunting roads – with people suggesting a few steep streets which make the grade – or should that be gradient?

The clip, which shows elite runners struggling to make their way up a steep slope, has been compared to the experience of walking in the Steel City.

Blake Street in Upperthorpe.

One wrote: “Just your everyday walk in Sheffield”, while another said: “I lived in Sheffield for five years, come at me.”

And Jenkin Road, Conduit Road and Blake Street are all contenders for the steepest street.

Wayne Lee said: “Jenkin is ridiculous to walk up, used to be so much fun in the snow.”

Al Fish posted: “Blake Street so steep it’s got handrails and anti-slip paving. It’s the steep one they walk up in The Full Monty.”

While Abigail Powell said: “Conduit Road that I walk up is one of steepest in Sheffield. Knew it.”

So which is the winner?

Well, Blake Street in Upperthorpe has a whopping 16.6 gradient – putting it behind just two other roads in the UK in the nationwide Ordnance Survey study of Britain’s steepest roads.

The road found global fame when it featured in the 1997 film about a group of former steelworkers who turn to stripping to make a living.

Actors Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy were filmed walking up Blake Street and chatting outside The Blake pub in the movie, which used a number of Sheffield filming locations.

Jenkin Road, in Wincobank, which featured in the 2014 Tour de France route - has a gradient of just 11.02°.

But both fall behind the likes of Old Wyche Road, in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire, which has a 17.54º slope and Vale Street, in Bristol, which has a near 22º gradient.