BUS SOS: Passengers left “confused and stressed” after bus service is cut

“We are prisoners in our own homes.”

Friday, 6th September 2019, 4:06 pm
Updated Friday, 6th September 2019, 4:06 pm
Walkley residents are upset at the number 31 service being cut

That was the message from bus passengers in Upperthorpe and Walkley who say they have been left stranded after the 31 service was cancelled completely.

Former Liberal Democrat councillor Diane Leek, speaking at a member of the public at full council, said: “This has caused great difficulty, confusion, stress, anxiety and chaos for people who solely rely on public transport.

“It makes it very difficult for us to get on with our daily issues. The 95 from the city centre to Walkley misses out the city centre so we are getting hit every which way.

“To add insult to injury, there was a mistake on the printed version of the new route with the wrong street name.

“It’s important that people are allowed to get out and about for their health and wellbeing but we are constantly losing our buses. We have been left prisoners in our own homes and have lost our independence.”

Nadia Jama handed a petition into the meeting which she had collected with Labour colleagues. She said: “The 31 connects Walkley with Hillsborough – but as of August 31 the service was cancelled. This has resulted in there being no proposed bus links between Upperthorpe and South Road.

“Cancellation of the number 31 means that hundreds of people in Walkley, in particular people living between Langsett Road and South Road, will be left with no option but to struggle up or down the hill.”

Bernard Little, of Sheffield Green Party, said people were worried about the lack of consultation and information about the changes.

“The 31 serves an area with long steep streets. A large proportion of local people are unsteady on their feet. Many people with disabilities, the elderly, and young families are now stranded without a bus service.

“They can no longer get to local shops, their GP or to meet up to socialise. Getting to work or college has been made more difficult. Attending hospital appointments, already difficult, is now a nightmare.

“The owners of Walkley shops are angry at the axing of a bus service that supported their businesses and the local economy.

“People trapped in their homes have lost their independence; the community fractured and the potential for a local public health problem has risen. Local congestion and air pollution will increase.”