Taco Bell plans anger local residents

Residents are hot under the collar at plans to open a Mexican takeaway in their neighbourhood.

Thursday, 29th August 2019, 07:59 am
Updated Thursday, 29th August 2019, 07:59 am
Damon's restaurant at Crystal Peaks

Plans for a drive-thru Taco Bell near Crystal Peaks have prompted more than a dozen complaints from residents, who say it will add to traffic congestion and the extra pollution will affect their health.

Damon’s, which was recently given planning approval to turn from a restaurant into a bar, wants to open the Taco Bell at its site on Sevenairs Road.

It says in the application: “A grass area and surplus car park associated with Damon’s restaurant is no longer required as part of the approved change of use as a public house.”

But residents are strongly objecting to another drive-thru in the area.

One said: “This application contravenes the council’s highways policy, it has been proven in previous applications that the area around the Sevenairs/Eckington Way roundabout is not suitable for a drive-thru.

“Traffic, parking and pollution must take presidence, if the council pursued these objectives then the health and wellbeing of its public would be better safeguarded.”

Another resident said: “There are too many drive-thrus. We have enough fumes from Crystal Peaks with traffic congestion, no-one gives a thought to people with breathing difficulties.

“Send a council person to watch the amount of traffic we have to put up with, I am sure they wouldn’t want to live among all the fumes that we have to put up with. Please think about people who struggle with health problems.”

And a third added: “The area is already overwhelmed with shops and restaurants causing the roads to be congested most of the day with traffic, traffic which when the roads were first built was never meant for.

“Sevenairs Road is also very busy with parked cars and I would imagine this new proposal will only increase that. Plus we already have enough food outlets in the area, we don’t need anymore.”

Planning officers are considering the application, which can be viewed here: