SEX COUPLE: Naked pair filmed romping in Doncaster blasted by public

A couple filmed having sex in the middle of Doncaster in broad daylight have been blasted by upset and disgusted members of the public.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 4:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 4:41 pm
A still from the Doncaster sex video.

The pair's X-rated romp just yards from Doncaster College has gone viral and several national newspapers have printed stills from the film which was shot by an amazed onlooker yesterday afternoon.

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SHOCKING PICTURE: Couple caught having sex in public in Doncaster town centre
Doncaster College - near where the couple were spotted romping.

Taking to Facebook, Carlamarie Fletcher said: "Name and shame I say - no morals, no standards, no class, no respect. Bet they both have a partner at home - good on the lad for recording to make people aware it still goes on in this town and shouldn't."

Judith Morgan said: "This is so disgraceful. I don't know which is worse, the couple who are having sex in public or the person who recorded it. What sort of a country are we where everything is open to view?"

Liz Roberts also hit out at the pair and said: "Disgusting way to behave - no moral compass. Liken them to dogs on heat!" while Jacqui Foster also called on the pair to be outed, saying: "I say well done on recording it and making it public. They should be named and shamed."

Susan Finch added: "Should have had bucket of cold water thrown on them."

Geordie Shore star Scotty T has entered the debate about the couple's antics.

The couple stripped totally nude for the sex session and were filmed for nearly ten minutes from a man who witnessed the sordid carry-on from behind a fence.

In the video, which we have seen but are choosing not to publish it as it is too graphic, the man can be seen on top of the woman - who is seen puffing on a cigarette DURING intercourse before discarding the fag end into the undergrowth.

Emma Meleady-green said: "Having a fag half way through - that's pure class at its finest."

The full clip is freely available to view on various Doncaster related Facebook groups including a page called Doncaster Talk.

Chappell Drive - where the X-rated clip was shot.

Several national newspapers - The Sun, The Daily Mail and Metro have carried the story with pixellated stills and clips from the video.

And even Celebrity Big Brother winner and Geordie Shore star Scotty T joined in the discussion, tweeting a link to the story and posting: "Anyone know how to get to Doncaster realllll quick!"

The video comes just weeks after a photo of man groping a woman's bottom outside a Doncaster taxi office went viral on social media. Shortly afterwards, another photo of a woman performing a sex act on a man in Bower's Fold was also widely circulated on Facebook.

However, some readers defended the pair, who have not been identified.

Doncaster College - near where the couple were spotted romping.

Natalie Ann Sawbridge said: "It's all natural. Leave them to it - get a grip and get over it," while Mark Woodrow posted on Facebook: "Lol all these negative comments like disgusting .... bet a few on here have done this and got away with it."

JoJo Mitchell added: "Animals are always h***ing in zoos in front of kids! It's not a huge deal really is it! Just don't look!"

South Yorkshire Police have so far not commented on the video or whether the couple were committing an act of public indecency.

Geordie Shore star Scotty T has entered the debate about the couple's antics.
Chappell Drive - where the X-rated clip was shot.