Sheffield charity launches appeal to replace stolen equipment

A charity has launched a fundraising campaign after equipment used by volunteers to maintain Sheffield’s picturesque countryside was stolen.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 14:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 14:33 pm

The Steel Valley Project has helped keep Stocksbridge, Bradfield and the Upper Don looking their best for 30 years, while improving access to the great outdoors there for residents and visitors.

But two strimmers used by the committed group were stolen while its dedicated volunteers were tidying up an area of grassland above Fox Valley shopping park last June.

Fox Valley Way in Stocksbridge where the Steel Valley Project's volunteers were working when the strimmers were stolen

The charity is hoping to replace the old petrol strimmers with two battery-powered machines and have launched an appeal to raise £1,200 to help pay for them.

Tom Newman, project manager, said: “The strimmers were left within view but just up the road from where the volunteers were working and somebodhy just pulled up in a car, took them and drove off within seconds.

“The old ones were petrol and we are trying to replace them with battery-operated ones because they’re better for the environment.”

The appeal has so far raised more than £660 and Mr Newman said the charity found it hard to work without them last summer.

He said: “We use strimmers a lot because a lot of the grassland areas around Stocksbridge and Bradfield so it was difficult because need them.

“We do have others but it was difficult without them.”

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