Sheffield woman wants to prove she can with Tough Mudder challenge

A woman born with defects in both her arms hopes to prove a point and support charity when she takes on a 12-mile obstacle course.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 11:10
Hairdresser Lisa Andrews who is taking part in the Tough Mudder race despite suffering from Radial Dysplasia Picture by Dean Atkins

Hairdresser Lisa Andrews, of Keats Road, Foxhill, Sheffield, has signed up for Tough Mudder, at Broughton Hall in Skipton on August 6 and 7.

Lisa, aged 39, has radial dysplasia, a congenital condition which results in defects in hands and arms.

She is taking part to boost the Reach charity, which helps children with upper limb deficiency and raise awareness.

Lisa, who runs Lisa’s Hair Studio on Buchanan Road, Parson Cross, said: “When I was born there wasn’t a lot known regarding the condition. Anything that I have found out is through my own research.

“It’s pushed me to be a bit determined and fight to try to prove a point. I’m always saying that I have got to prove a point and to compete.

“I have only recently become aware of Reach. It’s a cause close to my heart. It affects me directly and I’m now an official Reach member. I could have done with the support and counselling when I was young.

“I never classed myself as disabled and I never will. If there is something I can’t do then I will find a way to do it, and often better than everyone else.”

She added. “Tough Mudder is 12 miles. I’m really pushing myself.

“I’m determined that I will cross that finish line. I am quite looking forward to it. It gives me something to focus on, and it’s good exercise to get fit. I’m just out to try to be an inspiration to other people with problems or anything else.”

Lisa runs her own businesses, Lisa’s Hair Studio in Buchanan Road, Parson Cross. She has told her customers about her challenge and had the collection tins out.

“A lot of people say I must be crackers,” she said. “But they know about my determination and grit.”

Lisa hopes to raise at least £2,000. Sponsor her at