SPECIAL PUBLICATION: SME Toolkit full of expert advice for business success

Is there anything an SME boss doesn't need to be good at?

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 07:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 08:01 am
The team at public relations firm Counter Context.

Leading a small or medium-sized enterprise is a tough job full of varied challenges.

And few, if any, do it without taking advice – but where they get it from can have a profound impact on the future of their business.

That’s why The Star has teamed up with 10 experts to produce an ‘SME Toolkit’ supplement.

It aims to inform bosses about key areas affecting them, and their organisation, answer vital questions and help them decide if, and when, they need help.

From financial planning to innovation, and from public relations to business support, we’ve spoken to some of the best in the business.

Paul Wainwright,Yorkshire Bank Head of Customer Banking,Sheffield at the Fargate Office.....Pic Steve Ellis

What comes out is not only the direct advantages of paying for expert advice but also the indirect benefits which allow leaders to work ‘on’ their business not ‘in’ it.

Freeing up the boss’s time is the biggest boon, giving them breathing space to think, plan, come up with ideas and do more of what they were hired to do.

An adviser can also bring independent thinking and fresh ideas from outside the daily grind and free from internal politics.

And they can use their networks to introduce other, useful people.

The ultimate dream for an SME boss might be to have a circle of advisers who can be called on singly, or together, to help them optimise the running of their firm and reach new heights of success.

It is achievable, many are doing it already.

In this publication, The Star aims to make it work for you.

Yvonne Asquith of Business Sheffield. Copyright Image Steve Parkin

Our expert contributors are:

* Jillian Thomas of Future Life Wealth Management on financial planning

* Alexis Krachai of Counter Context Ltd on public relations

* Louisa Harrison-Walker of Benchmark Recruit on recruitment

* Paul Wainwright of Yorkshire Bank on banking

* Tim Bottrill of colloco on property

* Yvonne Asquith of City Growth at Sheffield City Council on business support

* Jay Bhayani of Bhayani HR and Employment Law on HR

* Matt Bacon and colleagues at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on innovation

* Craig Such of Azzure IT on technology

* Andy Irvine of Shorts Chartered Accountants on accountancy

Benchmark Recruit: Louisa Harrison Walker and her team.......Pic Steve Ellis