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Ideas are ten a penny '“ it's the people who make them work.

Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 09:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 09:25 am

Anyone who has had a lightbulb moment but done nothing about it will know this is true.

Meanwhile, a host of well known firms changed direction, says Adam.

Paypal wanted to be an internet currency but became an online payment service. Uber wanted to be a private hire service for executive cars.

“We are on a very well trodden path, there’s always going to be more opportunities.”

And it’s this belief that is driving Adam and Mark on.

Two days after shelving plans for Cavalry they came up with ‘Pip’, a personal concierge service for busy people. is the place to ask for anything - someone to walk the dog, book a family holiday or find cheap phone deals.

It was born out of painful experience - Adam failed to organise a taxi to the restaurant for a Valentine’s Day meal with his wife, Nik. Unable to book one, he’d had to call on his dad.

He puts it down to being super busy on the Ignite accelerator course in London.

The pair put Pip to the programme directors.

Adam said: “They loved the idea. I think they were quite impressed we’d come up with something so quickly. Our goal in London is to work ourselves to the bone and see family at weekends. But a lot of things get left behind.”

Adam, a dad-of-one, had quit his IT consultancy job prior to starting the course. Mark is a partner in Barnsley digital design agency Hacksaw and runs, which helps people get podcasts online, for a fee.

“In a way I’m in a privileged position. We took all we’d learned from having to shelve Cavalry and put it into the new service.

“It may be we get to the end of the programme and don’t receive funding. But I’m very optimistic, as soon as we’ve recruited enough people to answer questions on Pip, we are going to go live.

“In my opinion there’s no better place to be than being on Ignite100 and being in London is the icing on the cake. We are absolutely living the dream.”