Three-legged Sheffield rescue dog receives specialised canine wheelchair 

A dog owner from Sheffield is enjoying a new found freedom with her Staffordshire-bull-terrier-cross who, thanks to animal charity Hope’s Chest, is learning to walk again. 

Sarah Adshead, aged 41, of High Green, fostered Brock six years ago, nursing him back to health after he was run over and had to have his front leg amputated.

Brock is now learning to walk with his new cart

Brock is now learning to walk with his new cart

Classed as a ‘tripaw’, Brock had learned to walk on three legs until February last year, when he had an accident jumping into the boot of a car, leaving him needing a major operation followed by several months of crate rest.

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After the accident, Sarah says she did everything she could to give the former stray the ‘the best quality of life’, taking him to hydrotherapy sessions and putting him on a diet following advice by vets.

Despite being able to move more freely, as time went on Sarah could see that walking any longer than 15 minutes was putting strain on Brock’s remaining front leg, meaning he could no longer enjoy walks with fellow rescue dog Billy. 

Sarah hopes that Brock will be able to enjoy long walks once again thanks to the cart

Sarah hopes that Brock will be able to enjoy long walks once again thanks to the cart

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However, Sarah says Brock’s life has now been changed after he received a customised canine wheelchair, donated by Hope’s Chest, an animal charity set up by a fellow ‘tripaw’ owner.

Although he only received the cart a few weeks ago, Brock has come on leaps and bounds and is quickly learning about life on wheels. 

Sarah said: “If it was a back wheel cart it would be easier as he could just pull it along behind him, however with it being a front wheel cart it takes a lot of training. 

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“We live near a brook, so we went there and walked which was about 30 yards. He keeps stopping and is sometimes unsure what to do, but is doing well.

“Within two weeks he has gone from not moving at all, to now moving 60 yards. At first he didn't know what to do but he is a quick learner, and the other day he learned to pivot.

“He is always wagging his tail, and is happy to be in the cart. The other day he turned himself round, and is just getting on with it. Our main aim is to go out for a longer walk eventually.”

After learning that Brock was to receive a cart, Sarah began fundraising for Hope’s Chest to thank them for their generosity. 

She managed to raise over £900 for the charity which will now help other dogs in similar situations.