Why this picture of Sheffield on Bonfire Night had some people very worried

Sheffield celebrated Bonfire Night but not all of the residents were overjoyed.Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 06 November, 2018, 12:29

Thousands of people headed to the ever popular After Dark event at Don Valley Bowl while many more community displays were held across the city. 

But, some people in Sheffield were left concerned by the fireworks even after they had finished. 

One Twitter posted her worries at the '˜heavy smoke' that had descended over Sheffield as a result of the many firework and bonfire displays. 

They wrote: 'The fireworks have stopped at midnight finally! I really hate that it's causing heavy smoke in Sheffield. The air smells really bad.

'It's even worse now. Is no-one concerned about the air pollution now? Looks what's the consequence of the massive fireworks. Poor Sheffield.'

Smoke above Sheffield - Credit: @bairishan

The UK registered the worst levels of air pollution across the whole of Europe last night with Sheffield beating some levels in China and India. 

Barnsley Road in Sheffield topped the charts in the UK for levels of air pollution, peaking at 326; a '˜very unhealthy' level. 

Magical as they are, fireworks emit chemicals and metals that are dangerous for the environment with some of the chemical fragments falling to the ground. 

Dr Gary Fuller, from King's College London's Environmental Research Group, told the Huffington Post that Bonfire Night could be the most polluted night of the year in the UK. 

There were many others concerned about the levels of pollution in Sheffield last night. 

Cat Scott tweeted: 'Very high air pollution (due to particulate matter concentrations) in 3 regions including #Leeds and #Sheffield'

Kelly Wood tweeted: 'Sheffield is literally just a massive cloud of smoke tonight.'

One resident wrote: 'Legit cannot see Sheffield because of the smoke from the fireworks. Sad'